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Today the market place is the world, no longer just your home nation. English is the language of the business world. In order to improve your position in your present company, equip yourself with new skills that will permit you to become indispensable in your company. If you see trasfering to another country as your next professional and personal step to build your future, the first and indispensable step is to improve your English, because many countries request an English entry test such as the Cambridge CAE (Cambridge Advanced English),

Cambridge ESOL or IELTS exams.

...we can help you!!!

by participating in our group or individual English courses you can advance towards your personal and professional goal!!!






Elementary Business English
per la conversazione e la comprensione di una telefonata, di una e-mail di tipo quotidiano
travel english modena
Intermediate Business English
per viaggi all'estero, per rapportarsi con clienti e fornitori, per partecipare a meetings
business english modena
Advanced Business English
per la completa partecipazione al business di tipo manageriale, per interventi a meetings
executive english modena
Full Immersion/Individual/ Residential Courses
per gli executives in prossimo trasferimento all'estero e/o con importanti assignments aziendali
seminar english modena








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